Ads accelerator Course

Patrick Wind explains in his courses some important aspects to take into consideration for Facebook Ads platform. This Adsaccelerator course is focused on people who has prospection. Trying to find people and transforming them to this online marketing. 

Patricks Wind facebook ads 

On the other hand, Wind says that readjusting the concept of advertising with just not only displaying boring advertisements the whole day but implementing something more complex with a sequence of advertisements. This works like a sequential-directional funnel.

For this reason from day 1 to day 3 users will be impacted with a dynamic ad of product by example. If you haven’t bought anything to that moment so from day 4 to day 7 it will show you some testimonies, product reviews or even an influencer sponsoring that product.

Then it will show you different messages and advertisements to don’t bore you in the following 14 or 30 days. The main idea is to be relevant it will tell you a story through a sequence of advertisements and this for sure that makes the difference.

Patrick Wind Course

Patricks Wind teach us how to create successfully funnels

Wind also tells us in his Facebook Ads Patrick Wind course that every business needs a Selling funnel because. This illustrates the way that some perspectives makes the audience to transform into clients. 

As a result, the optimization of your selling funnel also increases your conversion rates. He also establishes that there are three different ways to design a selling funnel to increase sales and optimize the maximum conversion rates.

Adsaccelerator Course

The AIDA model helps to determine what you have to do to people get familiarized with your products and make people interested in buying your products.

Enhanced E-Commerce model lets you focus on your general trends and the metric funnel lets you to improve those weak areas of your business and make it grow properly with advanced methods.